The picture below shows the 2011 artwork display at Gallery One. The first one in red fabric background depicts a color fish and the next one in black depicts a National Bird of India - A Peacock. This embroidery style is native of India and originates from state of Gujerat and is known as Sindhi Embroidery - a handmade needlecraft of decorating cloth using different stitches and glass pieces. Mita says "I learnt Sindhi Embroidery from Late Mrs. Mana Sinha - an extremely talented artist of Mahila Shilp Bhawan, Allahabad, India. All my Sindhi Embroidery artwork is dedicated to Mrs. Mana Sinha. I owe her for her excellent designs and for imparting me this rare talent. I learnt Needle work from my mother. I simply admire my dearest mother Mrs. Sudha Mathur for teaching and motivating me for these rare skills and for being an excellent eye catching color scheme expert. Nothing can beat your color scheme mom!"

Mita's Artwork Diplay