Academic Background:
Despite her success in every subject in the school as well as in college, Mita knew from a very young age that conventional degrees and academic qualifications did not interest her as much as art and craft. She made this decision at a time when artists had fewer opportunities to use their art to make a living and make a career out of their skills. Undaunted by the bleak prospects for the future, Mita acquired various certificates in Needle Work, Macrame Work and other handicrafts from the prestigious Women Polytechnic, India. Her job at Cinderella Boutique can be considered a continuation of her education. Many years later, Mita decided that she was ready to set up a boutique and craft classes. Art and Craft have been in Mita's family. Her grandmother was an accomplished artist. Her mother Mrs. Sudha Mathur is a versatile artist who influenced and encouraged Mita's artistic ability.

Mita opened her own boutique and craft classes in USA in 2000. She has a deep interest in diversified arts and cultures, history and mythology. Her craft items are exclusive and have been created with intricate detail and eye-catching expressions and colors. She had her art work display at the art gallery in USA followed by several shows. She is a member of Art Advisory Committee and is responsible for an annual showing of the permanent art collection, handling of the portraits, arranging for the conservation and care of the collection in various facilities, and group shows of local artists. Handicraft is Mita's passion and her art is about experimenting and having fun.

Artwork Displays: